US Group

The beginning of an Internet Empire

US Group is a rapidly growing powerful retail organization with a diverse multi-channel distribution structure. Our ambition is to match every consumer, interested in niche and hard-to-find items with leading brands and the most innovative products on the market. We are continually working with our suppliers in bringing unique products and developing trends to our online retail channels.

With our highly proactive management and brilliant marketing teams, together with outstanding technology developers and product experts, we are determined to grow our business further, while staying focused on a principal goal of providing our customers and stakeholders with outstanding value. Our exceptionally diversified network, coupled with our constant use of the latest technologies, allows us to operate within hard to reach emerging market segments, giving us a competitive edge over other distributors. We aim for our subsidiaries to stay highly competitive and control market sectors with higher than average growth prospects, ensuring fundamental strength of our portfolio. US Group is proud to call itself a leading ambassador of unique products for a demanding customer base. We always strive to deliver the level of service our clients and suppliers have grown to expect from us in the past.